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The Phlebotomist Saints

by Summerly Rowlands

The amount of blood draws that our poor girl has had to go through is WILD. There have been times where she’s had labs done every month, every other week, every week, every day, and even multiple times a day. Izzy is so smart that from the very beginning, she recognized the tourniquet bands and associated those with what was about to happen. She even began associating the hallways of the lab with what was about to happen. She would scream, cry, turn red – nearly purple, and uncontrollably hyperventilate. There were times I would cry with her. I have been told, “Her veins are too little”, “I can’t find a good one”. I’ve also witnessed multiple people mess up – her blood just spilling out on the counter (this happened more than once). Merely knowing we had labs coming up was torture.

Then we met Cassie, our phlebotomist saint. She is kind, nurturing, empathetic, conversational, and GREAT at what she does. And not only is she great, but I can actually tell that she loves what she does, too. That’s hard to come across. If Cassie isn’t in, we’ll come back another day…

Unless Tammie is there. Oh, Tammie. Cassie let us know that if she is ever unavailable (and by that I mean not working because Cassie always makes time for Izzy 🥰), then Miss Tammie is who we should request. Miss Tammie, the OG who trained Cassie. Once I heard that, I was less hesitant to try her out. And what a gem she is. Just like Cassie – kind, nurturing, empathetic, great at what she does, and loves it.

I truly say God Bless these two women. They make one of the most difficult processes more than bearable. And they’re QUICK. Another major perk. As I tell Cassie every time we’re done, please don’t ever leave. 💜 My girl deserves the best and she deserves pain-free. She’s got that with her phlebotomist saints. And she no longer hyperventilates, she barely even whimpers.

Thank you, Cassie.
Thank you, Tammie.