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T•E•N months of Izzy!

by Summerly Rowlands

May 1st, 2022

The bounciest baby is still as bouncy as ever! She never.stops.moving. Once she figures out this crawling motion, it’s over 😆😆😆 Although we’re not sure what’s gonna come first – crawling or walking – because little miss is pulling herself up to standing position!

While this month has unfortunately brought on doctor anxiety for our sweet girl, it’s also brought lots of fun, new tricks: side sitting (and yes bouncing while sitting too), snorting (which she thinks is hilarious – as do we), wheezing (also brings the laughs), mimicking (enjoys grunting back and forth with whoever will grunt with her), splashing (although it’s very tame & delicate – usually just with one finger), waving (which turns into an excited smacking and rubbing together of both hands), and the cutest little sound to which she tells us no in German over and over “nein nein nein nein” (our precious bilingual princess)… All of that — 😆🤣😅 Good Lord we love her.

“You are more than we ever expected and better than we ever imagined.” 💛

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