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S•I•X months of Izzy!

by Summerly Rowlands

January 1st, 2022

Half a year. Time. Is. Flying. 🤯

2021 was quite the year for us, and our biggest blessing to come from it is this babe right here. She’s curious & spunky, obsessed with eye glasses 🤓 & masks 😷 or whatever might be on someone’s face that she can pull off. 😆 But she’s also so sweet & delicate & loves to just bring people’s faces in close to her with her precious little hands. ❤ She’s the best baby, sleeping in her crib. And always, always smiling, laughing, or making her “excited noises”. She loves her bouncer more than anything & kicks, kicks, kicks all day long. Except for if Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is playing Hot Diggity Dog… then she’s stone-froze taking that all in. 😅 She has a serious case of FOMO that’s got her interested in everyone & everything, & a serious head of hair that’s got a mind of its own, thick in the front, thick in the back, & a wild party on top. 🤣😍 She is one loved little girl, and she loves right back! 💕

“When your tiny hand grabs mine, God’s tender nearness comes to mind. When I hear your cooing voice, my heart remembers to rejoice. When I hug and swaddle you, my heart finds peace and comfort too.” 🧡

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