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July 22nd, 2021

by Summerly Rowlands

Thursday, 7/22

Izzy is doing good this morning.

The amount of formula through her tube has been increased enough to completely get rid of all the extra fluids through her PICC line! This means she’s solely receiving her nutrition by NJ (continuous) & bottle (every 4 hours). She’s actually doing pretty well with those too!

We found what seems to be a much better position for feeding Izzy that keeps her breathing normalized – she lays completely horizontal in a sideline position, always on our right side so that her right side is facing the ground – right hand supporting head & neck, left hand holding bottle. We *just* learned that if you lay a baby on their right side, the food flows & digests easier to the stomach…

We don’t know long Izzy will have the NJ tube in, but we do know that it has to stay until she can handle the required amount of formula by bottle only. Unfortunately, she might have to remain on the tube when we go home.

It all may be up to Izzy’s tolerance & pace, but let’s not forget… she’s small but mighty, just like her T cell army. 💪🏼

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