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S•E•V•E•N months of Izzy!

by Summerly Rowlands

February 1st, 2022

Well here we are, 7 months in! I could probably say every month “Where is the time going?!” and it will always ring true.

At 7 months, Izzy is officially & completely rolling over belly to back. We think she could also do back to belly if she really wanted to 😆, but we’re in the process of getting a little extra OT help for her to work on that 🙂

She’s tasting & exploring lots of new flavors – in the baby food realm, she seems to be a big fan of blueberries 🔵 & kiwi 🥝, and in the “real” food realm, she loves honeydew & it’s safe to say she isn’t gonna turn down pizza sauce or frosting 🤣 My girl! 😙

She does get a bit emotional, which proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 😅 When she’s happy, she’s the smiliest, jumpiest little babe, but when she’s mad or tired… let’s just say we’re trying to find healthier coping strategies rather than pulling out one’s hair 🥴

New found obsession: Tags on stuffed animals!

New discovery: Feet! She knew they were there because she’s always rubbing them together, but for the first time she grabbed onto her foot and played with it 🥰

New sound: Clicking! Constantly!

New magical power: Giving people snow days – thank you Winter Storm Izzy ❄

New (FIRST!!!) word: MA MA 💗💗💗💗💗 On repeat! Sterling says she’s actually talking about “llamas”……. but he’s just jealous 😉 Her pronunciation gets better every day!

And last but definitely not least…
New website: my22qt.com 💕

“Wherever you go, whatever you do, be bold and dream big – the world is waiting for you.” ✨

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