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N•I•N•E months of Izzy!

by Summerly Rowlands

April 1st, 2022

Poor girl has been very sick the past few days with symptoms that cause us a lot of worry because of her immune deficiency and her blood levels. Any type of sickness can cause Izzy’s calcium to dip and put her at risk of seizing. This morning we took a trip to the pediatrician who then sent us to Children’s for bloodwork to check her metabolic profile (electrolytes) and her calcium. Luckily everything came back in the normal range. She’s definitely going through it and not getting much sleep, but despite it all, she’s such a trooper, always amazing us with her resiliency. We even got a smile for this picture amidst it all ♥

So here we are – 9 months of life with our little warrior. She’s enjoying her exersaucer more and more, jumping and playing music nonstop 💓 Her HMG therapist says she’s the bounciest baby she’s ever met! While continuing to work on her development, Izzy can now pick her puffs up and feed them to herself; she can also pick up her own paci and put it in her mouth when she wants it (along with any other toys or objects in reach, even if she’s not allowed to have them 😅). We’ve noticed that her pointer fingers don’t stretch out like the rest do, so we were told to try hand massages to help fix this, but I’d say her fine motor skills are perfect 😌

Just as she loves puffs, she also loves oatmeal and yogurt! This past month she finished an entire 4 ounce bottle for the first time ever AND finally doubled her birth weight!!! Way to go, Mamas 💪🏼 (“Mamas” pronounced “Mommas” is what I call her 💕)

She’s still obsessed with strings and water bottles, but she’s now added phones & TV remotes to that list 😆 And she started making this hilariously cute little smacking sound with her tongue. I love it 🥰

I also love that she’s began reaching up when she wants to be picked up or held, and my new favorite thing is every time I carry her out of her bedroom, she throws her head back to check herself out in her mirror & smiles when she sees herself 🙂💗 I smile when I see you, too, baby girl.

“You are exactly who, what, and where you are supposed to be[e].” 🐝

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