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by Summerly Rowlands

As of March 3rd, 2023, Izzy is a graduate of neurology!!! 🥳🎓🧠🥳 Dr. V is very pleased with her progress and due to no seizures, there is no longer a need to follow up! (And wonderful timing because he’s leaving Akron Children’s to head to another practice and Mom loves him and was not prepared to meet someone else since we hand-selected him at the start of all of this! 😅) He did put a referral in for speech, but said as long as she’s babbling (which she is!), she will eventually talk. Way to go, Izzy Snow! 💖

Celebrating with smiles & pretzels 🤗


1 year old update: In February at 7 months old, Izzy’s neurologist wanted to see more tummy time, more exersaucer time, and no time allowed for her to lay on her back outside of sleeping – all to help her with sitting up, rolling over, and crawling, as she wasn’t yet able to do these things. As of June at 11 months old, her neurologist is elated to see that she has reached her milestones! Although Izzy still isn’t rolling back to belly (😅), she is ALL over the place as a crawler and even pulling herself up to standing! In her doctor’s exact words, we will continue “pushing Izzy to her full potential”, as she’s “defying the odds”. He does not believe that her diagnosis will be a barrier for her and he DOES believe that her development will be just fine!! 💗


As 2021 comes to an end, Izzy continues to trend in the right direction!

Izzy has had 3 neurology appointments since being discharged on July 30th. One of these appointments was a repeat EEG to make sure her seizure activity was completely gone and 100% provoked by her low calcium levels. The PA had shared with me that when Izzy was discharged from the hospital, her last EEG did show bits of abnormal activity, so at the age of 3 months, a child’s EEG should look completely normal if there is no seizure disorder. [Hence a repeat EEG in October.]

Results from doctor on 10/12/2021: “Izzy is here today for a follow up for seizures. She was accompanied here today along with her parents. She was admitted to the hospital with seizures. She was diagnosed with Digeorge syndrome and hypocalcemia. She was weaned off Phenobarbital and has been seizure free. Her feeding has improved. She is off the Calcium supplement. She is able to do tummy time and has a good head and neck control. She has not had any seizures.  She had an EEG on 10/5/21 which was normal EEG.

Last neuro appointment of the year was November 15th. Despite normal EEG, because of Izzy’s history, she will continue to follow up with her neurologist. Next appointment will be in February.