by Summerly Rowlands

The year is 2019. A single mom chats up a single dad on a dating app. (S/O Bumble! 🐝) They meet, enjoy wine, watch Game of Thrones, and fall in love. Their nearly identical boys become brothers & the best of friends. Two plus years later, a sister is born. And so the story goes on…

Blended & Blessed.

Meet Mom – Hi! I’m Summerly! I’m a fan of cool weather, cold brew, a tidy house, party planning, a binge-worthy TV series, & all things football. I think my kids are the cutest people on the planet & a favorite hobby of mine is snapping photos of them on the daily! 🤍

Meet Dad – Sterling is a lover of playing sports, watching sports, betting on sports, and coaching sports. He also does a mean load of laundry & makes *the* best cornbread & tea cookies. While people swoon over his baking, I swoon over him. 🥰

Meet the brothers – Kameron (Kam) and Elijah (Eli) are the proud older siblings to our sweet girl. Although not biological, it seems as though they’ve always been connected. Only 4 months apart in age & eerily similar in looks, these two faux twins are conquering the world side by side! 😊

Meet the dog – Lainey is our crazy, loving, anxious, excited boxer/pit mix! She’s truly one of a kind… one of those can’t live with her, can’t live without her situations. 😆

Meet the star of the show – Izzy Snow. Izzy is our 22qt & the inspiration behind all of this. She is named after both her parents and Game of Throne’s fan favorite, Jon Snow, an honorable fighter, warrior, and survivor; an all-around good human being. We didn’t know at the time just how fitting this name would be. A fighter, a warrior, a survivor – that’s our girl. Welcome to her journey! 💗