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It Takes A Village

by Summerly Rowlands

One year ago today, Izzy was hospitalized for what we would learn to be her 22q11.2 diagnosis. While that time was scary and full of the unknown, Sterling and I got through with one another and from the help, prayers, and love of our family and friends. When they say it takes a village… those 18 days really proved that.

To those who came to the hospital just to see us in the lobby or grab a coffee, to those who watched our boys for days on end, to those who sent food, gift cards, and care packages, to those who sent text messages and flowers, to those who added Izzy to their prayer chains, prayer groups, and even crafted together a prayer quilt, to the sentiment made to Izzy at our friend’s wedding, this post is all for you. We appreciate each one of you so incredibly much. We appreciate all of your support and care then – and we appreciate all of your continued support and care now.

To the other parents and families at the hospital who were going through their own trials and tribulations with their child, our hearts remain with you. In the dark of it all, there was a sense of unity, a sense of empathy, an invisible string – if you will – connecting all of us as human beings. Walking down the halls, wheeling my newborn in a wagon connected to an IV and a beeping monitor, passing other children of all ages fighting their own battles, the heartbreak was overwhelming, but there was togetherness, too. The passing-bys were silent, but the feelings were loud.

To all of the many villages of parents, siblings, caretakers, grandparents, extended family, friends, churches, groups, etc. helping to raise a child… thank you.

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