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by Summerly Rowlands

2 year old update: Izzy had an appointment on 7/7/23 and was ordered for multiple labs. While the number results are difficult to decipher since I’m not an immunologist, we got great news! Izzy was given the go-ahead to try her first two live vaccines! On 7/24, she received her MMR shot and her Varicella shot and has had no negative reactions! This is amazing and we will wait to hear from the doc about what’s next! In his words, “Lymphocyte counts have improved and other immune work is also normal.” 🎉


On 8/8/22, Izzy had her big blood draw to check her T cell count and to see if she could begin receiving live vaccines. Unfortunately, her T cell quantity came back significantly low, and although her T cell quality/function still looks good, the doctor is recommending no live vaccines at this time.

On the plus side, her immunologist is very impressed by how well Izzy fought off Covid, so despite it all, we know her small but mighty army is doing its job!!


1 year old update: Izzy’s immunologist was very happy to see her doing so well. She will have lab work done around 14 months of age to re-check her T cell counts and test to see if she is able to begin receiving live vaccines!! This would be HUGE! 💉


As 2021 comes to an end, Izzy continues to trend in the right direction!

Since being discharged from Children’s on July 30th, Izzy has had one appointment with her immunologist and one blood draw to re-check all of her T cell counts (also known as her lymphocyte profile). As of December 3rd, Izzy’s results showed that her “T cell count is still low but a little better than last time – no further tests are needed for now”.

Last immunology appointment of the year was November 5th. Next appointment will be in May.


Izzy’s initial T cell results: