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F•O•U•R months of Izzy!

by Summerly Rowlands

November 1st, 2021

We’ve got a thumb sucker on our hands, ladies & gentlemen! Baby girl is obsessed with her perfect little chubby fingers 🥰 

Another obsession – bright lights & colors. She’s got some strong eye contact & locks in when she sees something she likes 👀 And if football’s on the TV, forget about itttt, you’re not stealing her attention from that screen 🏈

Speaking of strength, this girl is super human. Her neck support is INSANE 🤯 & tummy time is really just another way to lounge. Yesterday, Mom & Dad had to hold her back as she attempted to dive from couch to floor. She’s trying so hard to move & roll and she’s definitely getting there. The scoot-by-kick game is real & I have a feeling once she goes, she’s never gonna stop 😅

She’s also got some pretty sick dance moves & makes her own beats. 🎧 Blowing spit bubbles & chatting it up with all types of sounds is a new favorite hobby. She’s a girl who loves to hear herself (and we love it too ❤).

We also love her love for sleep 😴 I say it all the time, but she’s truly my little angel.

Big mom win this month – putting a mirror in the car for Izzy to look at herself & her surroundings. Between that & her hands, car rides have become pretty darn painless. I could cry with happiness here. We’re no longer house prisoners 🙌🏼🎉

Big Izzy win this month – increase in bottle amounts & decrease in reflux!! Which if you didn’t know, is a HUGE milestone for us. Our girl used to throw up *projectile* EvErY bottle. And now…. hardly ever! Thank God. 🙏🏼

Izzy Snow, your laughs are contagious, your smile is pure joy, and your voice can change the world. 💕

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