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F•I•V•E months of Izzy!

by Summerly Rowlands

December 1st, 2021

Where is the time going?! Our petite little babe has almost doubled her birth weight & grew 2.5 inches since last month! She may be small, but she’s trending in the right direction on those growth charts & she continues to show us just how strong she is!

This month we attempted an assortment of baby foods – total fails 😅🥴 BUT we *think* we found a solution – baby food milkshakes 🤣 Add a little flavor to her bottles & she’s all about it!

She’s also all about her tongue! Once she discovered it was there, it’s hardly gone back in 😋

Something she doesn’t care for – socks! She’s obsessed with rubbing her feet together & would prefer that sensation barefoot. 👣

We’ve caught our girl a few times in rolling action from belly to back. Sometimes we get stuck halfway, but we’re making progress!

At 5 months, she’s already very opinionated & vocal about her likes & dislikes. What can I say – she’s my mini-me in more ways than one 😘

The cutest milestone right now though is her laugh. When she’s tickled or thinks something is really funny, she lets out these precious little happy grunts & they’re everything 🥰

Mamas, when I hold you close to me, your gentle breaths take mine away. When I gaze upon your face, I catch a glimpse of hope and grace. When I dream with you today, I pray God holds you close always. 🤍

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