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by Summerly Rowlands

2 year old update: Izzy had another large blood draw on 7/7/23 to check the typical calcium, phosphorus, thyroid, and parathyroid hormone, but also for the first time she was ordered to have her growth proteins monitored. Growth protein levels are markers of growth hormone product in the body and the doctor wanted to check on these due to Izzy’s size. Everything came back in good range! (Phosphorus is likely high due to difficulty getting the blood which is frequently seen in young children so no concern!)


Izzy had labs drawn on 3/13/23 to make sure she was okay to be sedated for her eye surgery. Her parathyroid hormone bumped up to 21, her calcium remained at 8.7, and her phosphorus showed a 6.4 which is a little high, but not enough for concern. All good to go!


As of 8/8/22, Izzy’s parathyroid hormone (13 on a scale of 11-61), alkaline phosphatase aka vitamin D (174 on a scale of 134-315), calcium (8.9 on a scale of 7.6-11), phosphorus (6 on a scale of 3.4-6), and thyroid (1.71 on a scale of 0.7-6) are all in the normal range!


1 year old update: Izzy’s calcium, phosphorus, and parathyroid hormone have all remained stable, so she’s still off of all meds!! She will continue with scheduled labs to monitor her blood levels and will also have her thyroid and Vitamin D checked in the near future as these need to be done once a year. Even with two slight hiccups in her immune system (February when she hit a 105 fever and April when she had flu-like symptoms), her numbers stayed well with calcium at 8.9 on a 7.6-11.0 scale, phosphorus at 4.8 on a 3.7-6.5 scale, and parathyroid hormone at 17 on a 4-61 scale.

Height, weight, and head circumference are all things that our endocrinologist will always keep an eye on as the 22q diagnosis causes Izzy to be of small stature, but as of her last appointment in May, our doctor is very pleased with her growth & absolutely adores our girl!


As 2021 comes to an end, Izzy continues to trend in the right direction!

As of October 4th, she has been taken off all medications. As of October 11th, she was able to stop her prescription formula (PM 60/40) and switch to Similac Sensitive instead.

She has had 2 appointments with her endocrinologist and 11 blood draws since her discharge from Children’s on July 30th.

These labs have shown that her calcium levels are remaining stable and where they need to be without the help of medicine.

Her phosphorus levels still appear higher than they should, but her doctor eludes this to Izzy being a hard stick causing a difficult blood draw. She has been switched from heel pricks to venous blood draws in hopes that this will make it easier.

In regards to her parathyroid hormone, Izzy’s number remains on the lower end, but still in the normal range. It is a blessing in itself that her body produces any of this hormone at all.

Last endocrine appointment of the year was October 4th, last blood draw of the year was December 20th. Next appointments will start back up in January.