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E•I•G•H•T months of Izzy!

by Summerly Rowlands

March 1st, 2022

So much happiness in this little 8 month peanut of ours 💕

Although petite, she LoVeS to eat! As we continue to taste and try new foods & flavors, she’s showing us that she’s not going to be a picky girl! 😋 She’ll go for sweet or savory, from fruit to mashed potatoes and everything in between – if you got it, she wants it! And in the Gerber world, she’s fairly obsessed with teething biscuits, puffs, & yogurt bites, but we watch her very closely with these as we’ve had some coughing *choking* incidents that have put Mom a little on edge 🥴 Although *most* of the time, her cough is fake, which is a very cute trick she’s taught herself 😅 And for our main source of nutrients, we’re still sluggin’ & lovin’ our Similac – once she sees the bottle, she spits her paci out & frantically takes eating into her own hands – quite literally! 🍼

While she lives in a kingdom of toys, she would prefer to chew on hoodie strings or plastic water bottles 🐶 She also enjoys to pull people’s hair which doesn’t bode well for her mom & brothers…

Sterling & I swear she gets stronger in front of our eyes every day. Prior to her first therapy session, she had been lifting her head and back up off her bouncer to pull into a semi-sitting position. And then yesterday she completely blew our minds, sitting straight up with only the support of a boppy, and working her very hardest on rolling from back to belly with some rhythmic movement prompting & assistance 😌 She’s also reaching for toys now & not only is she reaching higher and further, but she’s searching & reaching for specific things she wants. She’s amazing to watch. 💗

We have wholeheartedly hit the “mom only” phase, which is adorable & tiring all in the same. 🙃 Girlfriend has the best laugh, the best smile, & loves a good song & dance party 🥳

While diaper changes and adult conversations are getting harder with her movin’ & groovin’ body and vocals, obsessing over her remains easy 🥰

“Wherever you are, whatever you’ll be, think big and believe in yourself – the world is waiting, you’ll see.” 🌠

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Cheri Rowlands March 4, 2022 - 10:33 am

Aw this update is so great! And I can’t believe she’s 8 months old already!! Love watching her grow and discovering the world around her! Hugs and Kisses to our little Izzy girll!


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