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by Summerly Rowlands

Izzy had another re-eval on 12/22/23. At this point, it kind of feels like we’re just going to go but we do appreciate her audiologist’s input. We still don’t technically have “conclusive” results per the hearing sciences, but as Izzy’s mom I would say we do. No concerns, repeat in 6 months πŸ™‚


2 year old update: Izzy had her most recent audiology evaluation in May 2023. This appointment was with a new audiologist who was recommended to me and we will continue working with her moving forward. She was able to get more information and clearer results than we’ve received in the past, and she was patient with our little lady. All in all, Izzy is showing normal hearing (and we have no concerns at home); but we will schedule again in 6 months for a specific test with specific pitches.


Izzy had her re-eval in November. While results are not easy to interpret, I am very thankful to have a close friend who happens to also be an audiologist to help me understand!

In layman’s terms, Izzy’s right ear had negative pressure at -154. Normal middle ear pressure is -150 to 25. When the number is outside of the norms, even by a little, it suggests middle ear pathology. In Izzy’s case, this was indicating the beginning of an ear infection, which she was diagnosed with the following day. However, according to the results we got, Izzy did show a little more outside of the normal range for a kiddo than expected. Her sound field responses were noted at volume level 25-30 when they like to see the responses around volume level 15-20. With that, we cannot rule out mild hearing loss at this time, but obviously Izzy is very young, so she may have only been interested in responses at the 25-30 volumes and actually does have the ability to hear softer sounds. It is anticipated that her hearing is better than how it tested just because of her age.

After going over the results with both my friend and the audiologist who did Izzy’s exam, I contacted the genetics department and they recommended doing another follow up in 6 months ~ if we get the same results or worsened results, then Izzy will be scheduled with an ENT.

Honestly, we as her parents do not feel there is a concern, but we want to make sure we take all of the necessary steps to rule out hearing loss, as it is prevalent in those with 22q.


Izzy had her initial audiology evaluation on July 15th. When a child is diagnosed with 22q, there is a checklist that must be followed as they grow and get older – this checklist includes a hearing screening at one year old. While we did attempt this eval in July, it was unsuccessful in its findings, so we have another try scheduled for November. πŸ‘‚πŸΌ