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18 months of Izzy!

by Summerly Rowlands

New Year’s Day rang in 18 months with our sweet & sassy Izzy Snow 💕

She now has 6 teeth, she laughs when it actually makes sense 🤣, no words quite yet, but her nonverbal skills and comprehension are out of this world! She knows what she wants and is insistent on getting whatever that is, she loves food but moreso when it’s someone else’s, she’s taught herself to cry on cue and grab a tissue to blow her nose, she’s fascinated with watching videos of herself, and she skipped sippys and went straight to cups so we’re wondering if she’s gonna skip walking and go straight to running 😆 Although she does get around rather well using her knees as feet and when she doesn’t realize it, she takes a few steps unassisted 🥰

A little health update as we enter the new year — all blood levels continue to remain stable with her endocrine checks; currently we have no concerns in the GI, plastics, audiology, or neuro worlds and no new concerns with genetics 🙌🏼; Izzy continues to work with Help Me Grow but on a less frequent basis; as we celebrated in 2022, there is still no need to reopen services with speech or nutrition; and while she does get sick very often and her T cell numbers are still significantly low keeping her from being able to receive live vaccines, her small but mighty army fights through every time and even kicked Covid’s butt 👊🏼. Coming up we will check in for our latest height and weight with the PCP and have a follow up with the eye doc to see if glasses are in her near future. 💗

Here’s to a safe & healthy year for all! Xo

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Cheri Rowlands January 11, 2023 - 12:44 pm

That’s your little princess warrior! She’s so adorable!! Especially love the pic of her holding her baby dolls 🥺🥰


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